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Book reviews for YA authors

In 2015 I mostly helped indie authors publish and market their books – but in 2016 I want to focus on writing my own. I’m doing a big launch for Shearwater, the first segment of a YA mermaid romance novel and I’ve been doing everything I can to launch with a bang. I talk a lot about book marketing on my main site, www.creativindie.com, like how I built a list of 8500+ YA readers in 2 weeks with book giveaways.

It’s fun to try new things that other authors aren’t doing yet, but it remains to be seen whether my books will “stick” and keep selling even when I stop promoting.

One of the things that seems to make a difference is book reviews, so I’ve been building up relationships with book bloggers and reviewers; and getting them to link back to my main site for YA Fiction, www.UrbanEpics.com.

I also want to build relationships with other YA authors for group promotions, so I started the Alliance of Young Adult Authors and also built a new site just for YA book reviews. I’m basically making a traffic hub, that should rank well for certain keywords, and encourage other people to post content.

I’ll continue figuring out the best ways for indie authors to build their platform quickly, and as I become more proficient in writing and publishing, eventually I’ll get around to turning this site into something useful. 🙂

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