A step-by-step to planning, drafting, finishing and publishing your book in one year.

I set up this set to help authors write and publish more books. At first I thought I’d turn it into a huge online community like Nanowrimo, but I’ve changed my mind. Instead I’ve built a 52 week, totally free email course (I’ve actually built two: one for fiction, and another for non-fiction authors).

I decided to use email because it’s impossible to learn everything all at once, and motivation will fluctuate. Getting an email to help you focus on your book every week throughout the year will help you maintain your writing habit, and learn the things you need to learn just when they are most useful.


Why Join?

I believe if you open all of my emails and read them, it will keep you motivated, on track throughout the year – while also reshaping your understanding of book publishing and marketing – so that you’ll finish and publish a book that sells.

I maybe decide to charge for this email series in the future, but for now you can get in for free.

It’s hard to stay motivated, stay on task and get the work done. Not everyone understands. You need encouragement.

You get three things: a year long writing course.
A supportive community where you can get real feedback.
Expert advice from full-time authors who have gone before you.

By participating in the process and taking a few small steps each week, you can finish the year with a published book that is actually earning you money.


A few years ago I was a grad student English teacher, struggling to pay rent. Then I started writing and blogging, building businesses and websites, learning how to grow an online platform. Now I publish about a book a month and have started seeing real income from my writing. A lot of people have trouble on the productivity side; they talk about writing a book but say things like “if I ever finish it.” Work of family or responsibilities always get in the way.

This email course offers a year of specific, guided, actionable instruction, the right steps just when you need it.

Finishing a book has to be your priority. I want to make that happen, by reminding you every week of where you need to be in the process. You’ll get a bunch of tools and resources right at the beginning, and an additional lesson every week for a full year.

The hardest part about being a writer is doing the work and finishing the book. A lot of people talk about becoming a writer; few commit to finishing and publishing and actually get their book out into the world where people can read it.

We think this guide is a great investment in your future…but even if you don’t get it, I hope you’ll finish…

We need support, motivation, writing can be a lonely and frustrating journey.

A year long course with an action step or plan delivered directly to your email every week. Long term support to help you FINISH writing that book, this year.

A 12 step plan divided into 4 section each; the first two months is entirely about preparation and research. Then we’ll spend 10 months guiding your through the book writing process (in the 10-acts, about 40 chapters, 1 chapter a week).

This isn’t Nanowrimo, where we just try to get the words out. We are creating a powerful book that will SELL, by following timeless writing strategies and story architecture.

Why not just write a book?

A book that you read once isn’t going to help you much six months later when you’re halfway through the book and freaking out about where you’re going. Sometimes you don’t need to see every step down the road, sometimes you just need that one, simple next step – one task.

Even though we can’t help you write the specific details of your unique story, we’ll keep you accountable, give you actionable tasks that you can accomplish in 5 minutes that will boost your confidence and keep you productive each week, and make sure you don’t let “life get in the way” as it always does. You need to commit to yourself and your writing.

Sometimes your family and friends don’t understand. They may think it’s selfish for you to avoid company, lock yourself away and try to work on your book. But we understand. And we believe in you. We’ll be your supporter and cheerleader.