About Me

This site was set up by me (Derek Murphy), and I have big plans for it, but I’m too busy right now with book cover design, book editing services and working on my own books and courses to focus on it right now.

When and Why I Started This Blog

I started this blog because I think Nanowrimo is great (see this article I wrote “in defense of Nanowrimo“) but it’s too short. Just one month a year? You need to do better if you want to be a successful author. You need to write a lot every day. Not just 50,000 words a year. 250,000. Or more.

There is a lack of accountability that comes with being a writer: you have to provide your own motivation. I thought it would be great if I could set up an email series to check in with you every week, see what you’re up to, encourage you to keep writing, pass along a writing tip or two, while also teaching you, throughout the year, some necessary skills like building an author website and book marketing.

I also think this site could become a community where writers can support each other, team up, form coalitions, and help each other succeed. So those are some of my aims with Wriye.com, but I won’t be updating or working on it much right now (although I do have a couple of writers helping to post some great articles, which I will share).