3 Valuable Takeaways From Writing Podcasts

If you struggle to find time to learn new information about writing, you should try a podcast.

Unlike books or video courses, podcasts are a fantastic way to learn while on the move. You can make the most of a mundane situation like commuting to work or exercising at the gym. Podcasts can help make everyday moments valuable stepping stones on your journey towards writing success.

There are a wealth of writing podcasts available with something to suit almost every taste and interest. As a starting point, I’ll share three excellent podcasts for writers and advice taken from them.

You Can Find The Time To Write, No Matter Your Situation – Self Publishing Podcast 267

Episode 267 of the Self Publishing Podcast features author Jim Heskett discussing his time management skills and tactics to write with maximum efficiency.

Jim is an inspirational example of a successful writer who balances consistent output with the demands of everyday life, such as raising a toddler. One of Jim’s key pieces of advice is to write rapidly with the first draft and to perfect it further down the line. If you find yourself losing time to an overly long first draft, this advice may help your own situation.

One of the biggest limiting beliefs for people who would love to write a book but are afraid of getting started is the fear of not having enough time. It’s important to study examples such as Jim Heskett to defeat this irrational stumbling block and instead embrace the possibility of creating in even the craziest of circumstances.

It’s Vital To Build A Lasting Writing Habit – The Portfolio Life Episode 135

Perhaps the most important difference between a serious writer and an amateur who dabbles is consistency. Writing is like any other habit as it must be practiced regularly to become second nature.

In Episode 135 of The Portfolio Life Jeff Goins shares his tips on developing a writing habit which bears serious fruit over time. One of the ideas Jeff stresses most is the need to aim for quantity over quality initially. By producing a lot of writing, quality will eventually emerge.

Jeff also stresses how having a formal daily writing target was a vital part in shifting from amateur to pro writer in his own life. He talks about a 500 word daily target as being a good balance between achievable and substantial.

You might find the idea of a daily writing target to be the right way to ingrain your own habit. Other writers prefer a period of time rather than a quantified target. Experiment and see which helps your own writing habit to stick most effectively.

The Portfolio Life podcast is full of actionable advice like the above tip mixed with Jeff Goins’ heartfelt passion for creativity and art.

Develop A Writing Style – Creative Writer’s Toolbelt Episode 75

I’d bet that if you read an extract from your favorite writer, even if it wasn’t attributed to them, you’d recognize their unique writing style and voice. The best writers have a signature style and flair which gives their work true personality.

If you are looking to take your own writing to the next level, developing your unique stylistic voice is a great step to take.

Episode 75 of the Creative Writer’s Toolbelt drills down into the correct way to discover your own writing style. It’s a must-listen episode for anyone who wants to find their own writing style rather than just imitating favorite authors.

You may develop different styles for different types of writing, but all of them are likely to have your own personal flavor.

As a whole, the Creative Writer’s Toolbelt is a fantastic mix of practical and more profound writing advice. Some episodes deal with processes, such as hitting word count targets, while others deal with deeper subject matter, such as ethics and morality within writing.

Writing Podcast Advice Summarized

In a nutshell, the above writing lessons boil down to –

  • Taking a creative and positive approach to time management to maximize productivity
  • FInding a writing habit method that works for you and sticking by it
  • Discovering your own unique stylistic voice as a writer

Writing podcasts are a great way to take a break from the computer, go about your daily life and still become a better writer at the same time. What could be better than that?


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